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Which way is up?

The universe wants me to blog.  Just sayin’.  For the past several years I’ve wanted to do a blog to share the great things that happen in my classroom.  Not because I’m great, but because there are great ideas out there, that I’ve stolen, and made my own to fit my students, and my students are great.  I was always inspired by the blogs of others, and envied the creative juices that allowed them to make these blogs to inspire teachers like myself.

So why can’t I have my own?  My first roadblock was a title.  How will people ever go to my blog if I don’t have an amazing, creative title to get them there?  I’d be that kid that during writing time spent the whole time coming up with a title only to not have the slightest clue of what the story is about.  So I quit.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 8.30.52 PM
Super creative, right?!

But the thought never went away.  I’ve since left the classroom to try my hand at instructional coaching.  The greatest thing I’ve learned through coaching, is how to be a learner myself.  It started with my needing to learn as much as I can, so when teachers ask me for help I have the answer.  I mean after all, how will they look at me as an expert if I don’t have all the information?  That desire to learn has turned me into the lifelong learner that I always knew I was, but wasn’t sure how to be.  Through that I’ve read some amazing books from authors like George Couros, Tony Wagner, Sir Ken Robinson, and more.  So now I am discovering my passions all over again, but still, what do I have that is original that I can share?

Time passed and Twitter led me to the TED talk on procrastination done by Tim Urban (if you haven’t watched it, it’s amazing, so I’m attaching it here!).  While I laughed through much of the TED talk because it fits me to a T, I was really struck at the end when he talks about the type of procrastination with no deadlines.  Procrastination with no deadline is just a dream and aspiration.  Creating a blog and becoming a writer, is nothing more than a dream if I never put my pen (or keyboard) to the paper.

More time passed and I read the most amazing blog post by Pernille Ripp where she talks about her journey with blogging.  Maybe I can start blogging without truly having a story.  Maybe this is how I find my story.  A blog is going to give me a voice.  And if only 5 people are reading this (one will most likely be my mom – hi mom!) that is okay.  It is okay because I’m going to find my story.  I’m going to find my voice.  I’m going to work on writing.

One of the greatest things I’ve heard lately is “how can we teach kids to write if we don’t view ourselves as writers?”  So true.  We ask kids to blog, to share their stories, to share their learning with the world.  As adults, we are too scared to do that.  Now I know all of us aren’t going to be the best readers, best writers, best mathematicians ourselves, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.  We need to model our learning.  If kids don’t see us as learners, how do we teach them to be learners?

So here’s the blog.  But the problem of the title still lurks.  The world is messy.  Teaching is messy.  Finding our story, our voice, our path – all messy.  Sometimes there’s so much going on that we can’t even remember which way is up.  So I guess that’s it.  Because honestly, I live in the moment and spend most days trying to figure this out!  So until something else profoundly creative comes up, that’s what the title of this blog will be.  And learning is a lifelong endeavor, so I’m guessing I’ll never truly figure that out!


Elementary teacher turned innovative learning coach, wife, mom, hopeful blogger, and lifelong learner.

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